Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Stormy Tuesday

I woke up really early this morning to the sounds of thunder and lightning. It was storming outside. The weatherman had predicted we were going to have some very heavy rain and possible flooding. Taking a peek outside the window, I could see through flashes of lightning, ominous clouds hanging overhead. hey reminded me of another terrible storm we had here in Newnan.

in 2021, an EF 4 tornado struck our city and did tremendous damage. Many homes lost their roofs and nearly every building at Newnan High School sustained damage. In their initial survey, the NWS noted that widespread wind damage corresponding with winds of 111mph or higher was found. We were blessed. Our home only suffered minor damage, though many trees fell at that time.

I hate living in Tornado Alley. It's so scary when the weather turns tumultuous. We usually have these types of storms in Spring and early Summer, but lately the weather is unpredictable year round. 

It seems the weather is changing drastically each year that passes.The Bible said it'd be that way during the end times. I pray this year isn't filled with devastating tornadoes and hurricanes. So many suffer during those times. 

A small sample of the damage

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