Friday, May 3, 2024

A robot is going to do my surgery?

My innards have decided they don't want to work anymore. For the past 3 years, I've been having issues. First, it started with difficulty swallowing, so the doctor did an endoscopy and found a narrowing of my esophagus, so he stretched it. That helped some but it didn't last long. 4 endoscopies later and two more stretchings along with mega doses of Protonix and Gaviscon, and I'm still unable to eat or swallow normally. So, they said I need surgery to correct the problem. 

I was okay with that, but when I found out a robot would be doing the surgery, I freaked out. I didn't want to be a human guinea pig. 

Yesterday, I had a virtual visit with my surgeon (yep, he's super busy so we had to do it this way). I asked him to tell me all about the robotic surgery. He assured me he'd be controlling the "hands and arms" of the robot. When I asked why a robot would be used, he explained the robotic arms could bend in odd directions and were able to be manipulated into tiny spaces. That made sense, but I still didn't like it. 

I listened carefully as the doc explained they'd do a 270 degree wrap of my stomach around my esophagus instead of the old way of doing a 360 wrap. He said they'd discovered the 270 degree wrap allowed the patient the ability to vomit if necessary while the 360 degree wrap did not. I guess that's a good thing???

Anyway, Monday's the big day. I'm nervous but it needs to be done. 

I hate they can't just do it as outpatient surgery. Staying in overnight won't be fun, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do, right? 

I guess it's a unique way to lose weight. I'll be on a liquid diet for 2 months! I guess I'll try and look at it like a fast. That might make it a little easier. 

Here's to praying for no complications. I've had enough of those throughout my life. What's one more surgery anyway? I've already had more than half a dozen. 

I'm thankful for medical technology and the advancements that have developed over the years, but I'm really getting tired of this kind of stuff. Total knee replacement is next...

Getting old sucks. Hopefully this helps me live a little longer and have a better quality of life. We shall see! 


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